I recognize that in order for my clients to TRUST and heal I need to show up fully, share myself, and help them understand that this is a safe, God-centered place to heal. 

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Breaking the Silence Coaching Academy

7 Group Coaching Sessions

2 One on One Coaching Sessions

Signed copy of Breaking the Silence: Christianity & Mental Illness

The Breaking the Silence Academy is for woman who have experienced trauma  and have a desire to share their story but have allowed fear to keep them from stepping up and speaking out. 

Module 1: Overcoming the fear of your own voice.

Module 2: Overcoming the fear of judgment. 


Module 3: Understanding the power of your words.

Module 4: Discovering the power of your testimony.

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thru 6/10/2022




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When I joined the Academy I hoped to get a chance to tell my whole story and discover the woman I am meant to be.This program helped me face my fears and step into the light. I uncovered strength that I didn't know I had and that I am a survivor. The one thing I enjoyed the most was being able to speak openly without judgement and I wasn't comfortable doing that before.


- B. Thomas

My goal was to BREAK my silence and I was able to do just that by yielding to the coaching techniques, assignments, and the process.  I was PUSHED in areas I’d ran from for years. Coach Dorcas created a safe place and I enjoyed the nonjudgmental atmosphere, prayers, and progression with each other that helped me even the more.


-S. Christian