Eye-opening! Vulnerable! Powerful!

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Professional Reviews


Dr. Leesha Ellis-Cox

Board Certified Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatrist  

Eye-opening. Vulnerable. Powerful. This is the mesmerizing story of a woman who has faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles,  fought, fell, and triumphed. This is a story of faith that has been tested and strengthened. This is a story of love and redemption. Dig deep and take the journey through pain and challenges that end in hope.



Abby Santiago, LCSW

With this book, Dorcas Pittman courageously shares her trauma while also graciously revealing her struggles throughout the complex healing process. In doing so, she invites us to begin our own processes of healing and shows us what incorporating our faith can look like as we do. It is an honor and a help to know her story and learn from her example. 



Monique Singleton

Tiara Lodge, 31

This book is filled with wisdom in every chapter, walking the reader step-by-step on how to be healed from past trauma, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. The author's transparency and insight gives the reader hope for the future and most importantly hope in Christ. I recommend anyone dealing with mental illness or has a family or friend dealing with mental illness to read and share this book.

Charlene David Rickard, 61

You re definitely an inspiration to me. I am a retired teacher so I intentionally took my times reading to make sure I got your teachings through scripture as I read your book. You did an awesome work by letting God speak through you and I truly felt and feel the spirit as I read and reread the book. It is phenomenal in the explanations of how simple it is the let God love and help us. Thank you Dorcas P. for writing down your story to help others including me strive to be the best Christian in both the physical and mental realm. My next steps are very near.

Monique Singleton, 31

I was officially diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and Depression Summer 2018. For the longest I felt as if I could not live a normal life again but Breaking The Silence changed that for me. I discovered that I’m not the same however my new norm is a normal life for me now. Breaking The Silence truly captivates your attention through the transparency of the author, Dorcas.  Breaking The Silence gives steps to stepping into your authentic self. I found myself making a serious change after reading Breaking The Silence February 7, 2021. I AM NOT THE SAME. I definitely have a different perspective on life after reading. Thank you for your transparency to help save people whom are struggling.