Dorcas P.

...a daughter of Christ, wife to an amazing husband, mother of two wonderful children, author, Evangelist, certified life coach, and entrepreneur!


My Story

For years I had no direction and felt lost with no purpose. So when I started this journey of healing I had no idea where God was taking me and I was extremely fearful. Fearful in a sense that I had to relinquish all control to Him. I was coming out of a place of darkness and the amount of trust I had in God was minute. I had lost everything that I thought made me who I was so I figured I had nothing else to lose. Although the journey was full of hills, valleys, bumps, bruises, raging waters, and so much more I SURVIVED!!! I survived because I have a purpose and a new identity in Christ. My purpose is for God to use me and my journey as a tool to help others heal. God has shown me that my voice is powerful and has the ability to break strongholds and move mountains. Therefore, out of obedience I will be using my voice as vessel to carry out the Kingdom Business of helping lead His people to healing and the abundant life.I invite you to take this journey with me as God transforms your hurt into healing, your trauma into triumph, and your pain into purpose.


Why I chose to tell my story!

After enduring years of suffering  and overcoming the affects of both childhood and adult trauma I knew that I could not keep my testimony a secret. Years of suffering in silence almost ended with suicide, so I figured breaking my silence could not only help with my continued healing but help others start their healing journey.  Also, by sharing what God has done in my life would help me overcome my fears of judgement and shame, and I wanted to give others the courage share their stories of triumph and healing. My story and testimony is an example of how God moved me from death to life and sharing it I can give others hope. Most importantly sharing my story glorifies God and God must always get the  glory.