"Out of the Darkness Comes Hope!"


Transforming the Minds of Women and Empowering them to walk in their Purpose!


I am beyond excited that you have decided to take this journey of coming out of darkness. For years I have battled darkness of anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and hopelessness. My goal is to use the tools I have learned along my journey of healing to assist and guide you out of the darkness into the light of hope. I am excited about your journey and desire to help and I am honored to walk along  beside you.


🌻Mental Health Awareness has become an intricate part of my life and purpose. My battles with #depression and #anxiety almost led to me ending my life by suicide because I was suffering in silence. My silence was a result of the stigma of #mentalillness in the Christian community. However, once I broke my silence and decided to heal I was able to control the mental illness instead of allowing it to control me. My journey has resulted in true freedom which is why it is important that we #breakthestigma and bring even more awareness to mental illness and mental health. You too can be free by taking your power back.


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Are you a Christian battling mental illness

Are you ready to heal from the trauma of your past? 

Are you tired of Suffering in Silence. 

Are you ready to grow spiritually and mentally? 

Limited amount of signed copies are available. If you are not interested in a signed copy it is also available on Amazon.


For years I had no direction and felt lost with no purpose. So when I started this journey of healing I had no idea where God was taking me and I was extremely fearful. Fearful in a sense that I had to relinquish all control to Him. I was coming out of a place of darkness and the amount of trust I had in God was minute. I had lost everything that I thought made me who I was so I figured I had nothing else to lose. Although the journey was full of hills, valleys, bumps, bruises, raging waters, and so much more I SURVIVED!!! I survived because I have a purpose and a new identity in Christ. 

My purpose is for God to use me and my journey as a tool to help others heal. God has shown me that my voice is powerful and has the ability to break strongholds and move mountains. Therefore, out of obedience I will be using my voice as vessel to carry out the Kingdom Business of helping lead His people to healing and the abundant life.

I invite you to take this journey with me as God transforms

Image by Sharon Pittaway

So in quiet humility and without a personal agenda, I make the decision to let God sort it all out.

~Lysa TerKeurst