"Out of the Darkness Comes Hope!"

Helping you reclaim your voice and restore your hope so that you can live a God - inspired and purpose driven life.


This is your girl Dorcas P. and I am beyond excited that you have decided to take this journey of healing and becoming who God called you to be.

This journey will not be easy but it will be worth it!


I know exactly what it means to be broken and silenced by childhood trauma. As of result of abandonment, molestation, and rape; I lost my faith in people, developed low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression as I suffered in the silence of my pain. The silent suffering led to self destructive behaviors  for many years that ultimately led to a desire to take my own life. 

However, in my darkest moment I saw hope. It is this HOPE that I desire for YOU!  I want you to know that you are NOT ALONE, there is a LIGHT in DARKNESS and there is a WAY OUT!

We Are In This Together!

As a Trauma Transformation Coach I help women who have been silenced by trauma shift from a place of pain to a place of purpose by reclaiming their voice and restoring their hope so they can live God-inspired and purpose driven lives. 

H.O.P.E. in Her Coaching

My coaching method is based on my Five Pillars to Healing...Acknowledgment, Acceptance, Activation, Action, and Authority.

This method is designed to help you Acknowledge your pain and Accept that it negatively changed your life so that you can Activate the healing process which will give you the strength to Act and operate in the Authority and power of God.


So I Ask....Are you ready?

What Others Are Saying

For confidentiality purposes, all names have been redacted and replaced with age and state of residence.

Dorcas is a phenomenal person inside and out. She pours and speak life into so many people including me. I was in a very bad place not knowing who to trust, I felt like God wasn't listening. I grew up in the church and I felt as if I was doing something wrong because God had to be turning a deaf ear to me and my prayers. However, thanks to Dorcas' prayers, her book, and the encouragement to speak life into myself and my situation I am now in a better space, a space I haven't occupied in years. Sometimes a person can get so down that they don't know where to turn or who to speak to. Thank you Dorcas for taking this journey with me and showering me with inspiration, truth, love, and sincerity. You are a phenomenal woman.

39, Alabama

Dorcas has helped me tremendously along my journey. It all started with reading her book which gave me so much hope. Honestly, I fell  like it save my life. I felt as if God was speaking through her to me. When I was at my lowest and just worn out...Dorcas prayed for me when I didn't have the strength to pray for myself. It's an amazing experience working with Dorcas, especially her transparency. This is definitely her calling and I am forever grateful. 

33, Alabama

The Journey from Darkness 2 Hope

The Beginning

Darkness is often viewed as something negative. I grew up fearing things of the dark. As a child I was introduced to the Candy Man and Bloody Mary and I knew that as long as the lights were on I would be safe. Life has led me to believe that most crime happen at night. Heck, my darker skin has been viewed as something bad. So why would I believe anything other than this. 


But wait.....

I have discovered that the greatest things emerge from darkness. As we journey through life we take snapshots of the things or people we want to remember. Before technology became this advanced the only way you could develop those snapshots was in a dark room. One of the most complex and majestic creations, creations, the stars, can only been seen in the darkness of night. And more importantly the only way we can reap a harvest is to bury the seed in the darkness of the earth. Also a child remains in the darkness of its mother’s womb only to emerge in to the light as one of God’s greatest creations.

The Journey 

When you’re in a season of testing it is common for us to doubt God with the age old question of, “God, why me?“ Well, why not you.God knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb. At a point in time I thought this scripture was in reference to the mother who birth me into this world. As I began to study this passage it dawned on me that He is speaking of the beginning of motherhood because a mother’s womb birthed all the generations before us. My point is, God chose you for your journey! You are the only person that God entrusted to carry out the plan he has for your life. I didn’t make this up, it’s in the Bible. So, God has given me the assignment of sharing my journey with you because I was strong enough to make it through my journey so I can be a testament that will help you on your journey.